HostJane is a safe, secure environment which protects both sellers and buyers. We don't make a dime until you get an Order.

Sellers retain 80% of all revenue earned

ExampleAlison is a PHP geek. Her listing offers a bug fixing service at $100 per order. Bill is her first Buyer. Alison pays no fees, and makes $80 coding on Bill's site.

BreakdownAlison EarnsBill Pays
Listing priceFree Setup + Use$100
Payment fee$0$1
License$0Buyer Owns Rights ($0)
Platform fee20% ($20)Free
Delivery fee$0$0

Earn Better with HostJane

Sellers have control of their business. They set their prices, schedule, time limits, and any extras. Let your Buyers own the rights to your Final Work, or charge a license fee

1. Open a Studio

All you need is a valid email address and a  PayPal,  Payoneer, or bank account (US or foreign) to receive net earnings.

Create an account and enter your payment withdrawal method.

Enter your summary and bio fully and accurately.

Your username cannot be changed. It will be your custom business URL at

2. Create Your Listing

Make sure your Service is properly categorized, with a clear, easy to read title.

Read the side instructions carefully when creating a Listing.

Write in plain and simple English

Buyers from all over the world can buy your Listing. Use simple language to prevent any misunderstandings. Be clear about:

  1. Exactly what you are offering
  2. Price
  3. Extras
  4. Delivery time

You can Feature your Service in your category or site-wide to get more views.

Play by the rules, and promptly respond to questions. 

3. Choose a License

Work you deliver on HostJane is usually owned by the Buyer.

Or Sellers can offer their Services under license to control how Buyers use the Final Work.

Review the 4 Licensing Options available.

  1. Buyer Owns Rights
  2. Personal License - Gives Buyer private use of Work only
  3. Commercial License - Gives Buyer limited commercial use
  4. Extended Commercial - Gives Buyer broad commercial use

We expect Sellers to respect your Buyer's privacy

If a Buyer pays for a Non-Disclosure Agreement you agree to respect the terms.

If Seller cannot honor Service, you must reject the Order.

4. Accept or Reject Orders

Each Seller decides the price and delivery time of their Service.

Sellers pays a 20% platform fee from Buyer's payment when the Listing sells

Sellers are free to decline orders with no risk to their studio or reputation. 


Buyer funds are safeguarded by HostJane until Seller delivers Final Work. Please review our Marketplace Terms of Service.

5. Withdraw Earnings

You must complete orders in the time you tell the Buyer, and leave them feedback, to get paid your earnings.


A 7 day order is placed by Buyer on November 1. Seller should deliver  Work Preview (or hold the online lesson) by November 8.

01-Nov2021 08-Nov 15-Nov 22-Nov 29-Nov Start Approval Funds Release

Bar 3

7 days

Waiting period

After the 2 week safety period, Seller can withdraw earnings after November 22.


Buyers are required to verify their payments with 3D secure protection, and sometimes complete additional steps, before a payment can become an order.

We have zero tolerance on Buyer fraud.

To protect the integrity of the process, there's a 2 wait before Sellers can withdraw their earnings. The 2 week period begins are:

  1. Buyer approves your Final Work
  2. You have reviewed your Buyer
Regular Sellers with a proven track record of completed sales can withdraw funds in a shorter period of time.