14 Day Waiting Period

To protect the Service, there is a 14 day period before Seller can withdraw funds on a Completed Order.

Payout Settings

Find your account's payout method in your Account Settings.

Payments are not initiated until you request a payout.

Withdrawal Types

Only one (1) of following options can be used for a withdrawal:

  1. Paypal - Free
  2. Payoneer - Free
  3. Bank transfer (US or international) - Fee
Transfer TypeSeller BankFeeTime
Domestic WireDomestic US$35Up to 3 days
International WireForeign$45Up to 5 days

Payout Reference

After you have initiated a withdrawal, the system will generate a 12 digit payout reference.

It can be found in payout history.

Use this reference when requesting billing support.

Our accounts team works 24/7, 365 days.