A. Buying a Listing

HostJane is a neutral, safe and legal meeting room where people from anywhere in the world can come together to get work done.

An order starts when a Buyer uses a verified payment to order a Seller's Listing. We advise all Users to read the full rules before buying or selling services.

There are 2 types of Listing on HostJane:
  1. Regular: Pre-defined, paid services based on a Seller's skill;
  2. Online lessons: Tutoring over video-sharing software (usually Zoom or Skype) which need Buyer's physical attendance 
Each Order has 3 stages
  1. Pre-Delivery - When Buyer orders listing with a verified payment
  2. Delivery - When Seller delivers a preview of their Work
  3. Completion - When Buyer accepts delivery of Final Work
Official Roadmap

Successful orders start when Buyer pays with a verified payment, and complete when Seller receives feedback and delivers Final Work of an acceptable standard.

Buyers are advised not to take their chat with Sellers outside of HostJane's messaging system. Paying outside of HostJane is against our rules.  

B. Delivering Work

Seller must deliver Buyer's Work Preview in the time they said they would, which is printed on Seller's Listing page at the time of the sale.

In Delivery stage, Buyer must inspect the Work Preview fully and carefully.

Buyer can ask for up to the number of revisions that the Seller printed on their Listing page, at the time of the sale.

The Seller still owns the work until buyer approves it.

C. Reviews & Feedback

For the Buyer to approve a Work Preview, she or he must leave feedback and finalize the Order by pressing "Approve & Release Funds"

Feedback is not optional

Seller cannot send Buyer the Final Work until Buyer has left Seller feedback.

After Buyer approves Work Preview, Buyer now owns the Final Work.

Seller must send Buyer the Final Work within 10 hours of approval.

The fourteen (14) day Waiting Period for Seller to withdraw their net earnings does not start until after the Buyer has received their Final Work.