Working on HostJane

Do I have to submit tax information to my Buyer?

No, you are not legally required to submit private tax information to your Buyer. As explained under #9 of our General Terms, Sellers and Buyers on HostJane are independent contractors.

Working as a freelancer on HostJane expressly does not constitute or set up any form of employment or partnership arrangement either with the buyer or HostJane.

HostJane needs my tax information. Why?

HostJane, Inc. is a US corporation. If you are a US based Seller and your gross earnings exceed $20,000 USD with more than 200 transactions within a single calendar year, HostJane may be required to file a Form 1099-K with the IRS to report transactions made to you.

Our team will contact you if we need any tax information from you.

Does HostJane charge US Sales tax / Australian GST /  EU VAT?

As explained under 2.5 of the Marketplace Terms, Payments made through HostJane generally exclude any such tax collection unless otherwise specified. 

Users and HostJane are independent contractors and each take care of their own tax reporting requirements in their own legal jurisdiction.

Can businesses work on HostJane?

Yes, Sellers can register on HostJane as agencies or business entities, as well individual freelancers. 

How do I increase my sales?

Promote your account by placing your HostJane studio link in the "About" fields of your blog and social profiles, share posts via Twitter, and advertise your HostJane Listings anywhere you freelance or have followers online.

Your studio link to HostJane is

Other ways to promote your Listings:

  1. Ask customers to review their experiences with you on their blogs and social media accounts 
  2. Maintain accurate, up-to-date Listings
  3. Add new FAQs and Listing content regularly 
  4. Respond to messages from potential buyers promptly

Why has my Listing been placed on hold?

  1. Check your spam if you didn't receive an email from us in your inbox, before contacting us
  2. You should receive a notice when logging into your account
  3. Check to see your Listings are not infringing our General Terms, Marketplace Terms or Acceptable Use Policy.
Contact us if you have questions about our Acceptable Use Policy or your account

Problems with Buyers

A buyer won't approve my Work Preview. What are my options?

The best option is to communicate with your buyer to try to reach an amicable resolution or compromise.

If you don't believe an order cannot be amicably resolved, please contact us.

A buyer keeps asking me to do revisions. What can I do? 

While we expect Sellers to offer at least 1 revision of their delivered Work Previews, HostJane cares that freelancers selling on our Marketplace are not being taken advantage of.

If you believe that a buyer is asking more of you than they've paid for, or is trying to get free work from you, please contact our friendly team and we'll take a look to help you resolve this issue.

Responsible Marketplace

HostJane is a safe, fair, and secure environment for everyone. Under 2.6.4 of our Marketplace Terms, any buyer attempting to procure free work from a Seller is strictly prohibited and an abuse of our platform.

Can you remove bad feedback from a buyer? 

Under 2.13.4 of our Marketplace Terms, we generally do not remove negative buyer feedback unless the review is purely malicious, being left in bad faith, with either unlawful or potentially unlawful content.

If you believe a review breaks our rules, please contact us so we can take a look.