Web design & development

HostJane Marketplace connects you with freelance web, mobile, and software developers at fixed-prices, with buyer payment protection.

The marketplace is a great place to address issues such as:

  • Website design issues
  • Helping you learn how to code
  • Developing your website or application
  • DNS or domain problems at registrar level
  • Webmail/email issues where the server is working
  • Tutorials on using cPanel

24×7×365 support from HostJane Team

Open a support ticket for help with the following types of issues: 

  1. Server infrastructure issues
  2. Server uptime
  3. DNS issues at server level
  4. Updates and patches
  5. System critical functions
  6. cPanel misconfigurations or usability problems

Limits on direct support

HostJane strives to provide 100% uptime and server reliability in keeping your website fast and always up. However, our staff are not your individual web designers or site developers.

Please contact a freelance developer or designer on the marketplace for that type of help.