Dedicated hosting FAQ

Single-Tenant SSD JaneDedi

Enterprise grade, fully managed dedicated servers with up to 16 cores. Built for resource-intensive sites. Support massive, prime-time volume traffic.

FeaturesHostJane Dedicated

2 Dedicated IPs

Your single-tenant, SSD dedicated server has 2 permanent, dedicated IPv4 addresses, with IPv6 capabilities.

Live human support

Chat to your tech team 24×7, 365 days. We keep your server stable, backed up, patched, and clean of all malware.

Choose from 17 Datacenters

Designed for resource-intensive projects, JaneDedi offers a truly global network of datacenters with the most powerful regional transit providers.
Free SSL certificatesJaneDedi comes equipped with an SSL certificate that self-renews every few months, or install your own.
Total privacy

If what you’re building or running needs to be behind closed doors, our firewall can give you 100% privacy.

Only you and those white-listed devices will be able to see your server. Contact support to set up a firewall.

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks (DDoS) are an increasing and ever-present threat where criminals flood their victim (the server) with so many global requests, it’s resources are overloaded. Worse case scenario, the server can become unusable and all data is destroyed.

DDoS attacks can wreak financial havoc for victims, especially online businesses where every minute of downtime is lost money.

In a DDoS attack, JaneDedi will be your site’s guardian angel. She blocks the crossfire in real-time, and helps reduce the risk and damage caused to your server.

Included free in all Dedicated servers.

Automatic Daily backups

We treat your server as mission-critical. We ensure your sensitive, crucial data is backed up on multiple servers every day.

You can also initiate snapshots of your server’s volume in any of our global datacenters, stored free-of-charge. With JaneDedi you have extreme speed, verifiable bandwidth, and the backup capabilities of a major player.

Email Handling

Configure email DNS records locally (at no added cost) on the server with JaneDedi, or devolve your email handling to your registrar or use another service. It’s entirely up to you.

For example, if you wished to use Gmail for business with Google’s G-Suite apps, you could add the Google MX records locally on your server or at your registrar, and either method should work.

Importantly, you can set-up unlimited email accounts with no restrictions.

Dedicated hosting

HostJane's dedicated servers (JaneDedi) offer premium, state-of-the-art hardware backed by our 100% SLA.

You are the single occupant on the server no neighbors, and you customize every aspect of the server and all its resources to your needs. 

Our JaneDedi environment generally makes your website more secure, and gives more consistent server performance over time.

Think of hosting your website on a server like buying in an apartment building:

  • Shared hosting buys you a condo, where you'll have to share amenities with other tenants on your floor and other floors in the building;
  • VPS hosting buys you an entire floor in the building, giving you more room and more resources;
  • Dedicated hosting gives you the entire building complex – all cores, memory and disk storage – all devoted to your website's needs.

Domain pointing

Please refer to our guide on  how to create an A record. Instructions are also sent on purchase.

Please contact your domain registrar's support if you need advanced DNS support.

Windows dedicated servers

At present, HostJane only offers linux servers.

Upgrading to JaneDedi

Yes, you can at any time and one of the conveniences of HostJane is that any VPS backups and snapshots taken are immediately moved to the new server.

Unlike many hosts, we don't nickel and dime our customers by charging people to make backups of dedicated storage by the gigabyte when they are already making such a big investment in the server.

No RAID-1 storage

HostJane doesn't use mirrored RAID.

Although RAID can protect against hardware failures that can takeout data striped storage (where data is written in blocks across 2 or more disks), if a virus corrupts one of your disks, those exact problems get replicated onto the "mirrored" disks and they get similarly destroyed leading to complete data loss.

HostJane uses a proprietary storage structure that has multiple layers of in-built data protection.

JaneDedi provides greater "redundancy" than RAID-using hosts i.e. backups across the network that add a greater degree of security for your data.

Both our 24-hr backups and any disk snapshots you take of your own server also gets stored on these redundant systems, making sure your data is always independently available for your users in the event of a server incident.

Free backups

HostJane makes nightly backups of your entire server files and databases. We generally always have at least 2 past backups of your site in our system.

We begin overwriting past backups, after 72 hours of storage. To request a restoration from a past backup, please contact us. There is a $15 data restore admin fee.

Note the restoration process can take up to 60 minutes and during that time your server may be unavailable.